comparatives (2)

play the adjectives written above and complete the sentences.

List of adjectives (not in order)

dirtier _______________sucio
more expensive_______ caro
better_______________ mejor
smaller_____________ pequeño
bigger______________ grande
more modern________ moderno
worse______________ peor
cheaper____________ barato
older______________ viejo
more exciting ________ divertido
slow _______________ lento

   better      bigger      cleaner      cheaper      dirtier      faster      more boring      more exciting      more expensive      more modern      older      slower      smaller      worse   

1. My car is than your car.
2. Fishing is than dancing.
3. Stations are than hospitals
5. Gold is than wood.
6. Your French is than my French
7. Valencia is than New York.
8. Elephants are than rats.
9. Colour TV's are than black and white.
10. The weather is today than yesterday.
11. Plastic is than silver.
12. Our monuments are than yours.
13. His class is than my class.
14. Surfing is than working.
15. Camels are than cars.

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