TOO and ENOUGH  - grammar help.


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1. TOO.

It is an adverb and is there followed by adjectives or adverbs: denotes a quality in excess:


Coffee is too hot, I can't drink it


It is usually continued through  a 'to - infinitive':


Coffee is too hot to drink.


Actions in the infinitive can refer to a different subject from the first in the sentence:


Coffee is too hot FOR THE OLD MAN to drink.


 Quite another different usage is that you may find when followed by nouns, in that case MUCH and MANY are required.


They drink too much wine

They invite too many people to their parties.




a. as an adjective

appears before nouns  and expresses sufficiency :


They have enough books in the house , they don't have to buy any.


b. as an adverb

appears after adjectives or adverbs and also expresses a degree in sufficiency.


He is strong enough, he will cross the dessert.


The same as with 'too', a 'to-infinitive usually follows'


He is strong enough to cross the dessert.


And for is used to refer the action to another subject:


Our flat is not big enough to hold 20  people.