Trip to Alaska (1) -easy listening

listen to the passageand write the missing words
Wendy: Hello, Brad, it’s Wendy.
Brad: Hi, Wendy, you?
Wendy: on the ‘Fantastic Princess’ and I’m so excited. It’s fantastic! We sail for Alaska in an hour.
Brad: you got everything you need for the trip ?
Wendy: I think so. got my tickets, passport and a map.
Brad: cold in Alaska, even in the summer. Have you got enough warm clothes?
Wendy: I hope so. got a jacket, some boots, a hat and a scarf. Oh, no! I forgot my gloves.
Brad: worry! are gloves on the ship and you buy some gloves there.
Wendy: Oh, that’s good! Let’s see…I’ve also got jeans, trainers and a sweater. I hope I will be warm enough.
Brad: I hope you have got sunglasses. It’s cold but sunny in Alaska.
Wendy: I know that. I forget my sunglasses.
Brad: Have you got a camera?
Wendy: Of course! I’ve got two cameras. I’m take of pictures for the magazine.
Brad: Have you got the itinerary for the trip ?
Wendy: Yes, here . you want to hear it?

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