ALL - Grammar Theory

All is not an easy word to use in English and there are other words which bear the same translation into Spanish: 'todo'. Here are some basic facts about the word

1. it cannot be used alone as the subject or object of a sentence:

ex: All is wonderful here   is incorrect and should be replaced by 'everything',

Everything is wonderful here.

ex: I said it to all is also incorrect and should be replaced by

I said it to everybody.

2. as the subject  or object of a sentence IT HAS TO BE FOLLOWED BY A RELATIVE CLAUSE.

ex: All that I own is yours

      I'll give you all that you want.

3. "All" before nouns and pronouns.

All..  and  All of.. can be used but only all can be used if the noun has no determiner:

All (of) my friends were good swimmers.

All whisky is expensive  *All of whisky ....would be incorrect

4. "All" can also go after the subject of a sentence and will take the position of mid-position adverbs:

1.between subject and verb in simple tenses:

ex: They all like the same kind of music

2. after the first auxiliary when there are auxiliaries.

ex: They have all found the food