compounds (1)

complete with the most suitable form of the given word.

1. Real Madrid hasn't been very (success) this season, so some important changes will be done.
2. (employ) people don't usually have a good time looking for jobs.
3. The world (champion)of gymnastics is going to take place in my home town.
3. This travel guide has plenty of (use) information about all the cities in the country.
4. You need more (revise) for your exam.
5. In Spanish cinemas you always get some (advertise) before the film.
6. You must never drink cold water if you are too (sweat)
7. My (feel) were not very good when I saw that man.
8. I'm going to save all my (earn) and buy myself trendy clothes.
9. Baggy trousers are very (fashion) and young people love them.
10. The special effects in that film are really (amaze).