conditionals 1, 2 (6)

Write the verb in the correct tense to form a conditional sentence .

1. I (not use) your stereo, unless you (let) me. (type 1)
2. He said he it (do) provided that everybody (agree)
3. I (organize) the dinner party provided that everybody (collaborate) with a little money.(type 1)
4. (not shout) at the dog unless you (want) him to bite you.
5. You (not get) your cake unless you (wash) your hands. (type 1)
6. (keep) studying like that and you (not have) any problem with passing the exam.
7. (have/you) any problem with grammar, (not doubt) to write me an email.
8. They (start) the talks only on condition that the fire . (stop) (type 2)
9. You (can) to speak French if you (try) hard enough.(type 1)