conditionals (7) mixed types 1, 2 & 3

Write the verb in the correct tense to form a conditional sentence .

1. What you (do) if you (be) given the Nobel Prize.
2. If I (know) that teacher was coming, I (not join) the excursion.
3. If you (heat=calentar) water to 100 degrees, it .(boil)
3. you (find) the room too noisy, (close) the windows firmly.
4. You (not open) the bottle unless you (use) a bottle opener.
5. (not run) unless you (want) to sweat too much.
6. All the students (pass) the test on condition that he (explain) lessons properly.
7. If you (meet) Mr Leech, (can) you ask him a favour, please?
8. They (not escape) if the police (be) faster.
9. Whales (not disappear) if we conscious about it.
10. Where you (travel) if you (win) the lottery?