conditionals (9) types 1,2,3.

Write the verb in the correct tense to form a conditional sentence .

1. If you (tell) me it was so hot in Egypt I (not bring)so many clothes, but now I've got two full suitcases.
2. I'm so nervous! What you (wear) if he (ask)you to go to the party with him?
3. My dog (not obey)if you (look) afraid, he is very sensitive.
4. (not ask) my grandmother about her days at school or she (talk)about it for hours.
5. We (catch-caught)many fish if we (use)a different kind of bait (=cebo). Unfortunately, we only had some bread.
6. you (ask) Shaib to bring some water for the teacher, if you (see) him in the corridor?
7. I (can) do it if you (ask) me, but you (be) too proud.
8. She (win-won) the race if she , (try-tried)but she (not have) enough self-confidence.(confianza en sí misma)
9. It's a special design. The car (start) unless all the doors (be)closed.