conditionals and conjunctions - types 1,2 (2)

write the verb in the correct tense or a suitable conjunction to form a conditional sentence .
1. We (miss) the film if we (leave) soon.
2. You should study if you (not want) to fail the test.
3. If Dan (not leave) now he (be) late.
4. If he (not arrive) soon, I (go) without him.
5. We'll go on the trip tomorrow (if/unless) I have to work.
6. He hates to spend money, so he never buys anything (if/unless)it is cheap.
7. Hurry up! we leave now, the alarm . (ring)
8. The actor loves publicity. He - (come -use present simple for emphasis) to the show - (if/unless) the photographers are there.
9. If I (be) in a hurry I - (will take) a taxi.
10. If you - (be) sick, (go) to a doctor.
11. If I (diet),I (lose) weight.
12. If you (remember) , (call) me tonight.
13. If you (study) more, you (pass) your exams. (use type 2)
14. She (travel) to Paris if she (have) money. (type 2)
15. If l (be) rich, I - (buy) an aeroplane.
16. If she - (not be) so ill, she - (would come) to all the parties.
17. I (not buy) that jacket, if I (be) you. (type 2)
18. They - (not be) so hungry at noon, if they - (eat) breakfast. (type 2)
19. lf you_ (go) to London,_ (see) a show.
20. If I - (be) rich, I - (can build) a mansion.