conditionals 1, 2, 3 (2)


1. I would prepare dinner, only if you insisted (insist)

2. If Isabel got (get up) at 6.00 am., she could (can) do everything, but she is usually lazy.

3. If you  travel ( travel) to England, please  bring (bring) a dictionary,

4. If I  had known (know) Lynn's telephone number in Manchester, I  would have called  (call) her when I

was there last month.

5. Your friends would be (be) very pleased if you invited  (invite) them for lunch.

6. If Eduardo stopped (stop) saying nasty things, he would have (have) more friends.

7. If Jane  were (be) nicer in  the school she  would have (have) better results.

8. "Raquel,  eat (eat) like that and you will get (get) very fat.

9. Please come (come) home if you feel (feel) lonely this weekend.

10. Should you have problems to start the car, call me.(call)

11. It could have been (be) great fun, if someone hadn't drunk (not drink)so much.

12. I would do (do) it,  if I could (can)