conditionals type 1-ex 1

complete with the most suitable form of the verb to form the conditionals.

1. (keep) eating like that and you will have problems with your stomach.
2. He is going to invite all our friends to a party if he (pass) our driving test.
3. you (come) to the theatre with me if I tell you in advance?
4. Please (visit) my friend Maurice if you travel to Paris.
5. She (not find) a flat unless she looks carefully around the whole city.
6. You mustn't open this computer unless you (be) an expert.
7. I'm seeing all my clients this mornings if my secretary (have) telephoned them.
8. What (happen) if the prices of food rise too much ?
9. They won't find the hotel unless they (ask) somebody: it's a huge city.
10. You (can) see shooting stars in the summer if you look patiently at the sky for some time.