conditionals types 1,2-ex 1

complete with the most suitable form of the verb to form the conditionals.

1. I don't know what I would do if I (not have) my computer.
2. (try) our new ice cream and you will experience a whole new world of sensations.
3. Should the children wake up during the night, (give) them some hot milk.
4. If you mix water and oil, the oil (rise) to the surface.
5. I (can) stand the temperatures if I lived somewhere like Alaska.
6. Come with me and I (show) you my model trains.
7. You will only go on to the second course if you (have) passed all your subjects in the first.
8. (not go) on playing if you aren't feeling too well.
9. If Spain were a colder country, there (not be) so many tourists.
10. Don't tell her the truth and she (feel) it immediately.