conditionals type 2, ex-1

complete with the most suitable form of the verb to form the conditionals.

1. If you had your holidays in July, we (can) do some canoeing together.
2. They would join us in the trekking if their children (be) a bit older.
3. Could you help me paint my house if I (not find) a painter on time ?
4. Mary would play the piano beautifully if she (have) a little more time to rehearse.(=ensayar)
5. They said they (give) us very high interest rate if we invested more than 1m € with them.
6. Would you believe me if I (tell) you that my grandfather once met Albert Einstein ?
7. They guide told us that if we kept walking along the path we (may) see the waterfall behind the clouds.
8. If you saw a furious bear in front of you, tell me, what you (do) ?
9. Maybe if there (be) more English books in this library I could come to finish my assignments.
10. I (be) you your friend even if you were a lot uglier than you are now.