connectors mixed (2)

complete with the connectors given

   above all      Actually      Although      and      as a result of this      because      but      for instance      In conclusion      in fact      In order to      like      Moreover      nevertheless      No matter how      On the other hand      such as      that's why      What's more   

1. We liked that beach we kept coming back, year after year
2. the doctor had told him that eating so much fat was not very good for health, he didn't care; his best friend died of a heart attack and he immediately started a diet a sportive life.
3. achieve good results with garden flowers, special atttention has to be paid to a series of basic aspects, where the sun comes from and type of soil.
4. hard I try to explain it, they never understand. , their behaviour is very bad. , I will have to talk to the rest of the teachers about this group.
5. Life in the desert is very difficult and dangerous, , Touaregs have developed a series of survival abilities wearing special clothes or the ability to find water
6. , we found the meeting rather boring, but didn't say anything to the hostess we know it isn't always easy to bring so many people together.
7. Sharing a flat has many advantages, , not having to cook every night. , it is not always easy to share part of your private life with other people.
8. A lot of repair work was carried out by the commitee, , most of the organization work in the library was promoted by them.
9. My sister is a fan of Indian food, dishes with roasted coconut.
10. , connectors is a very easy subject, , it has to be given some time for practice.