connectors: mixed (1)

use the conjuctions and word given in the box to complete the gaps

   after      Although      As      as a result of      because of      despite      so as to      so that      such a      that      when   

1. I was walking down 3rd Av. I met my friend Antonio who bought me a pizza.
2. He could read and write being blind.
3. he had given up cigarrettes, he still smoked a cigar at special occasions.
4. They changed all the chairs in the office keep all workers happy.
5. We called the ambulance seeing the accident was really serious.
6. Many countries in the world don't have enough food serious social and political problems.
7. They lost the match their poor physical preparation.
8. Please give a ring your mother gets home, I would like to talk to her.
9. We wrote a letter to everybody, they had all the necessary information.
10. There was mess after the party we had to pay somebody to do the cleaning.