infinitive or gerund (8)

put the verb in the correct form

1. I don't feel like (cook) anything new, so start (eat) your fish like everybody else.
2. I can't imagine (live) without electricity.
3. We are supposed (arrive) before 12, but these trains are usually late.
4. Nothing turned out (be) like we thought: temperatures were too low (do) any skiing.
5. Have you ever heard Ron (play) the piano ? He's very good at (sing) too.
6. Though I normally hate (get up) early, the teacher insisted on (leave) the school before 8 for the excursion.
7. Don't forget (close) before (leave).
8. Teachers used (be) kind to me at school.
9. You'd better (not drink) anything cold.
10. "I'd rather (be) a hammer than a nail".-song by Simon and Garfunkel.
11. Turkey is a wonderful country .(visit)
12. As soon as you get used to (live) with her cat, everything will be alright.