modal verbs: can, may, must, need

complete with can-must-may-need in the correct form

1. With so many killings on Tv, I finish seeing the news last night.
2. you to put up that piece of furniture on your own?
3. The girl said we lock our car because the garden was a safe place.
4. In six months' time all drivers in Spain wear a reflecting vest when walking on the road at night.
5. Children drink alcohol.
6. I leave the class for a while? I go to the locker(=taquilla).
7. They say mobile phones cause damage in brain, so you use them for too long.
8. translate this exercise before answering? No, you .
9. stand up in your school when the teacher came in? No we , but we raise our hands before talking.
10. Heat be the reason of that disease in plants.