past simple and continuous (7)

complete with past simple or past continuous

1. What she (wear) when you (see) her? Her favourite top, I think.
2. They (get) up early that morning so they (go) for a swim.
3. We (find) the keys we (look) for yesterday.
4. The car (crash) against the wall and a lot of people (come) round.
5. it (rain) when you left for school? Yes, it , quite heavily.
6. It (be) a quiet morning: the birds (sing) in the trees and the cows .(eat) We (walk) happily when a terrible storm (start) 100 ms away from us. The wind (blow)a big tree down and a black cloud (appear) in the sky.
7. We (can) hear you because we (sing) in the music classroom.
8. The police (discover) that a criminal gang (buy) luxury cars with stolen credit cards and (organize) an incredible operation to stop them.