past simple or continuous (1)

complete with past simple or past continuous

1. I (drive) my new car when I (hear) the news.
2. She (walk) down the street when a friend her (call).
3. They me (not see) me because they (talk) .
4. I (have) a shower and the door . (open)
5. We (walk) in the mountains when we (hear) a scream.(=grito)
6. They (have) so much fun at the party, they (decide) to stay.
7. When the teacher (arrive), they (play) in the back of the classroom.
8. While I (have) a drink in the café, I (see) an accident outside.
9. What (you/ do) when the telephone (ring)?
10. Why (you /run) when I you (see) the other day?