present perfect or simple past (9)

complete with the most suitable form of -present perfect- or simple past.

Superstars (always have) to deal with paparazzi, but recently a new threat to their privacy (appear) on the scene: snaparazzi.Not long ago, when superstars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (Ieave) a nightclub in Los Angeles,
paparazzi and fans were waiting outside as usual. But this time, the paparazzi (not be) the only ones with cameras. The fans also (take) photographs of the couple by using their new mobile phone cameras - and then they (send) the photos directly to their friends' phones! These fans are called snaparazzi - a combination of the words snapshot and paparazzi. Since the invention of mobile phone cameras, photographing stars (become) their pastime. During the last few years, magazines and newspapers (even begin) to buy snaparazzis' photographs, despite their poor quality!