present continuous affirmative -listening

listen to present continuous in 'My Family'

complete with the present continuous: use the gaps to the right !

Hi. This is the hall and these are my parents. Hi, Mum. Hi, Dad. Can you say hello to the camera? I'm sorry, my mum and dad are in a hurry.(1)They_______________(go) to work. This is the living room and this is my grandfather. Shh!! I'm sorry, we can't stay in here. (2) He______________.(sleep) This is my brother Andrew. Hi, Andrew. Can you say hello to the camera ?Andrew ! I'm sorry he can't hear me. (3)He _________________(play) the guitar.
My sister is in the bathroom. Can I come in, Mags? Can you say hello to the camera? I'm sorry. She can't come out. (4) She_____________(have) a shower. Well, I'm outside my house. That's my family and this is the end of my video. Goodbye.