present simple and frequency adverbs

write the verbs in the present simple and the frequency adverb in the correct position

Emma 1 (usually /get up) at 7.30 at the weekend. She 2 (often / go) swimming before breakfast. Her parents 3 (usually I get up) at 9.00.They 4 (usually/ have) toast, butter, jam and coffee for breakfast but Emma 5 (sometimes / cook) bacon and eggs. On Saturdays, Emma's father 6 (always /do) the shopping after breakfast. Emma's mother 7 (never/go ) because she 8 shopping (hate) shopping. She 9 (always/visit) Emma's grandmother on Saturday mornings and Emma 10 (usually/stay) at home. She 11 (watch) TV, 12 (read) or 13 (listen) to music. In the afternoon she 14 (sometimes/meet) her friends in town.