present simple or continuous ? (1)

complete with present simple or present continuous

1. We (not come) to this bar very often. They usually (play) the music too loud
2. Hey 'What (you/look)at ?' 'Nothing , really. I always (stand) in front of the sea at this time of the day.
3. your brother James (do) anything special this evening ? Yes, I think he (go) to the tennis club.
4. Where your father usually (keep) his papers ?
5. you (like) rock and roll ? No, I .
6. I (live) in Rome this year because I currently (work) for a Spanish newspaper.
7. What you (do) after lunch in the summer ? I often have (have) a 'siesta'
8 . you (have) a good time ? Yes, I . I always (sleep) a good time in parties.
9. tigers (like) water ? Some and others (ANSWER USING AUXILIARIES)
10.Who (like) dancing best in the class ? Pepi and Lenny , but I think the teacher (ANSWER USING AUXILIARIES)