simple or continuous (3)

complete with the present simple or the present continuous of the verbs given.

1. Don't shout, please! My children still (sleep) upstairs.
2. My mother (worry) too much about me. She (say) it is because she (love) me a lot.
3. you (do) anything tomorrow evening? I usually (play) tennis in the evening but tomorrow I'm (stay) at home.
4. Look, those elephants (come) towards us! I (think) they are angry.
5. I (not like) Sandra's salads, she (mix) too many ingredients.
6. We (live) in a wonderful flat this year, it (have) a very sunny terrace to the river.
7. Mark Knopfler (play) the guitar beautifully. I (think) of buying his last record.
8. Most animals (not attack) people.
9. Mary (not love) you, you must face reality.
10. Sheila got (have) the most beautiful house in the street. Many people (stop) by just to look at it.