simple or continuous (5)

complete with the present simple or the present continuous of the verbs given.

1. Why she (walk) so fast? Because she is in a hurry. She (want) to catch the bus.
2. My mother never (cook) paella, but today she (cook) one for lunch.
3. Next week we (start) our guitar classes. We (have) class every Monday and Wednesday.
4. We (not want) to leave, we (have) a lot of fun.
5. How much (earn)a week? It .(depend) This season I (not get) too much.
6. Where is Naima? I think she (finish)her homework in her bedroom. She (work) very hard in the evening.
7. Kumba never (eat) her breakfast in the morning, so her mother often (get) angry with her.

8. Dear friends,
The sun (shine) hard here in Jamaica at the moment, we (sit) at the hotel swimming pool and (drink) our breakfast coffee. People are nice around here they usually (talk) to you in the street or (sell) you their crafts. Hope you are alright in Sedavi. We (fly) back on the 14th. See you soon.

9.Cathy's mother is English and (fly) to Alicante every winter because it is warmer there. Cathy often (drive) there at the weekend to visit her.
10. you (go) anywhere tonight? Maybe I (take) my mother to a restaurant. That is what
I always (do) on Saturdays.