present simple and continous (7)-easy.

Write the verb in the correct tense present simple or continuous

1. Why you (wear) gloves in the morning? Because I (have) cold hands.
2. Who (run) the fastest in your class? I . (not know)
3. My grandmother (be) very traditional, she never (watch) TV, she (listen) to the radio.
4. your sister (go) to a music school this year? Yes, she is. She (practice) every day when she (get) back from school.
5. I (write) a book about witches (=brujas) at the moment. People (be) very interested in witches in my country.
6. We (not drive) generally. We always (take) the bus or the train.
7. Where are Tom and James, I can't see them ? I (think) they (buy) some cd's round the corner.
8. Tom (ride) a red motorbike? Yes, he . Look! he (cross) the road now.
9. The sun (shine) hard (=mucho) in Jamaica at the moment and we (have) a great time on the beach. I'll call you soon