present simple and continuous (9)

complete with the the correct form of present simple or continuous.

1. We (go) to the Caribbean on holiday next month.
2. Jessica never (mix) chocolate and strawberry in her cakes, she doesn't like it.
3. This year we (study) contemporary history with a fantastic teacher.
4. How bears (survive) during the winter? They (hibernate) and (consume) very little energy.
5. Mary (not like) doing her homework after school, she (watch) TV instead.
6. 'Be careful !' That dog (come) after you.
7. 'I (not want) to go to school today', Jessica said. 'OK, then I (call) your teacher immediately'.
8. They can't hear you, they (swim) in the pool. They (not like) running, so they (swim) in the evenings.
9. Can I help you?
Yes, I (look) for a DVD recorder.
I'm sorry, but we (not sell) them.
10. Look at that fantastic skirt Christina (wear) today! Oh, yeah, she (not like) wearing conventional clothes.