present perfect -affirm/negat.(3)

complete with the most suitable form of -present perfect- or simple past.

1. We our dog for 2 years now. (have) Three days ago we (take) him to the vet for some minor problems.
2. The boss (escape) to Paris with his secretary and we (not know) anything about him ever since.
3. When we (arrive) to Spain from Argentina , we very lonely (feel), but we (meet) a family this month. We usually go together now.
4. Fortunately, the rains (be) very abundant this year and we will have a good crop.
5. Tourism (become) one of the most important sources of richness for Spain since the 60's.
6. The race (finish), the last runner (arrive) 10 minutes ago.
7. Scientists (find) different solutions for cancer, but the ultimate solution yet.(not come)
8. We (see) 'Matrix' and we are really impressed. You should really see it too.
9. We (can) open the door and we (have) to call a technician. It was a difficult day yesterday.
10. We (go) to many big cities in Europe. You can always find something to do in them.