present perfect or simple past (4)

complete with present perfect or simple past

1. From 1984 to 1986 we in Seville (work).
2. rafting? (ever/do) Yes, when we (be) on holiday in 1998.
3. A hurricane (destroy) the coast city of St Bernardino. It (start) last Tuesday and (finish) yesterday.
4. anybody (see) my red sweater? Yes, I (find) it yesterday under the sofa.
5. This is the best film I ,(ever/see) the script is fabulous.
6. I (not have) time to finish all my homework. I (try) exercises 5 and 6, but they are too difficult.
7. An important robbery (take) place yesterday at two o'clock in cash street. The neighbours (call) the police, who cordoned off the area.
8. They (not see) you when you entered the room, that's why they (not say) anything.