present perfect-past perfect-simple past

complete with the most suitable form of -present perfect- or simple past.

1. The film already (begin) and we (not can)understand the plot. (=argumento)
2. Long time ago the Spanish (arrive)in South America and (start)to conquer vast territories. Most South Americans (speak) Spanish since then.
3. The officer (come), (see)the cars and (put) them all a fine.
4. Believe me, this is the most expensive city I (visit). I (get) here yesterday and I already (spend) all my money.
5.We (be) friends for ages, but she (not call)me in three weeks.
6. The Red Cross (do) a great job when we (get) to that camp, so we (not see) the worst of the war.
7. We (be) to that restaurant before so we (not order) for the most expensive dishes.