present perfect and related words (1)

answer the questions according to the prompt given and using FOR, SINCE, EVER, NEVER, STILL, JUST, ALREADY, YET

1. Have you ever swum in the Atlantic sea?
No, in the Atlantic.(never/swim)

2. Have you eaten your sandwich yet?
Yes, it.(already/eat)

3. What do you know of Mary?
in Malaga with her mother.(still/live)

4. What has happened?
An aeroplane (just/crash)against the forest.

5. What is your experience?
with motorbikes 20 years.(work)

6. Has Mary arrived ?
Yes, .(already/arrive)

7. How long have you lived here for?
I here I was born.(live)

8. Has Helen started her course ?
No, not .(yet)

9. Do you like Brazilian food?
I don't know it.(never/try)

10. Thailand is wonderful.
Is it? there?(ever/be)