present perfect related words gap+grammar chart

complete the sentences using FOR, SINCE, DURING EVER, NEVER, JUST, ALREADY, YET

present perfect related words

FOR"durante"I've slept here for two weeksHe dormido aquí (durante) dos semanas.
SINCE"desde"I've lived here since I was bornVivo aquí desde que nací.
ALREADY afirmativa: "ya"I've already seen itYa lo he visto
YET INTERROGATIVA:" ya":"ya...?" Have you seen it yet?-¿Ya lo has visto?
YETNEGATIVA"aún no".I haven't seen it yet- Aún no lo he visto.
JUST"acabar de..."She's just goneAcaba de irse
EVER "alguna vez" Have you ever seen a flying saucer ?¿Has visto alguna vez un platillo volante?
NEVER"nunca"I've never seen a flying saucerNunca he visto un platillo volante.

1. Have you swum under the moon?
2. She hasn't arrived ?
3. I have baked the cake. It's warm and delicious.
4. I have travelled to Asia. I haven't got the money.
5. We have stayed here Christmas. We wanted to see my parents.
6. We have paid for everything, you don't need to pay.
7. Jenny is back, but she has stayed in bed a couple of days.
8. Have you finished your shower ? I want to brush my teeth.
9. Margaret has been the leader she arrived.
10. He has loved he he has met her.