pronouns and auxiliaries (1)

complete with auxiliaries and pronouns

1. Are you interested in languages? Yes,
2. Does Mary like going to reataurants? No,
3. Do you and your friends often travel abroad together? No, .
4. Is MIchael really your best friend? Of course
5. Has Manolo got 'Juanes's' last CD? Yes,
6. Can I go out for a while? NO, . Wait til the end of the class.
7. Mary and her friend passed the the exam but
8. A lot of people in the world eat every day, but there are more people who
9. Were you near when the accident happened? No, we
10. We weren't living in Germany during that time, but Paco and told us everything.
11. Are you going to classes this year? NO, not
12. She forgot to bring her skis but we
13. Does Tricia enjoy dancing? Yes, she , but we
14. Is Dymitry Spanish? Yes, but his father is Ukranian.
15. Cheng and I are good friends but go out together.