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 1. You and your friends (__________) can sit here. My friends and I (__________) will sit on the other side.


2. Your mother (__________) cooked wonderful paella for his friends and me (__________) .


3. Michael and Celia (__________) have a house in the country. Sheila (__________) told me yesterday.


4. We talked to George (__________) about the film (__________) and said that he liked the Indians (__________) in the film (__________).


5. Mr Jones (__________) was an eccentric man. Mr Jones's (__________) wife didn't get any money when he died.


6. Her Chinese friend Joe (__________) always sends her beautiful stamps (__________).


7. Sheila and I (__________) always have a shower at Jenny and Laura's (__________) house after the volley match.


8. One day a terrible storm (__________) hit Johnny's and my (__________) house and we had to call the fire brigade (__________).


9. Please talk to the students in the hall (__________) and tell those students (__________) that the headmaster will come if the noise (__________) goes on (=continua).


10. Yes, that is Fadala's (__________) mobile because Bruno's (__________) mobile is bigger.


11. Your friend Laura (__________) came to the office yesterday and said her brother James (__________) would come to the school next year.


12. 'Show me that new walkman (__________). '

'My parents (__________) bought that as a present last Christmas.'


13. When we got to the village, the policewoman (__________) told my sister and me (__________) that my sister and I (__________) should park the car (__________) outside.


simple or continuous ?

1. Why (1)______________ she (2)______________ (walk) so fast? Because she is in a hurry. She (3)______________ (want) to catch the bus.

2. My mother never (4)______________ (cook) paella, but today she (5)______________ (cook) one for lunch.

3. Next week we (6)______________ (start) our guitar classes. We (7)______________ (have) class every Monday and Wednesday.

4. We (8)______________ (not want) to leave, we (9)______________ (have) a lot of fun.

5. How much (10)______________ (earn)a week? It (11)______________.(depend) This season I (12)______________ (not get) too much.

6. Where is Naima? I think she (13)______________ (finish)her homework in her bedroom. She (14)______________(work) very hard in the evening.

7. Kumba never (15)______________ (eat) her breakfast in the morning, so her mother often (16)______________ (get) angry with her.


8. Dear friends,

The sun (17)______________ (shine) hard here in Jamaica at the moment, we (18)______________ (sit) at the hotel swimming pool and (19)______________ (drink) our breakfast coffee. People are nice around here they usually (20)______________ (talk) to you in the street or (21)______________ (sell) you their crafts. Hope you are alright in Sedavi. We (22)______________ (fly) back on the 14th. See you soon.


9.Cathy's mother is English and (23)______________ (fly) to Alicante every winter because it is warmer there. Cathy often (24)______________ (drive) there at the weekend to visit her.

10. (25)______________ you (26)______________ (go) anywhere tonight? Maybe I (27)______________ (take) my mother to a restaurant. That is what

I always (28)______________ (do) on Saturdays.


interrogative pronouns


1. (1)_________ do you get up ? At 7 usually.

2. (2)_________ brothers or sisters have you got? One brother and one sister.

3. (3)_________ did you pay for trainers? I can't tell you, they were a present.

4. (4)_________ do you go skiing? In December.

5. (5)_________ do you always run to school? Because I'm in the track team.

6. (6)_________ do you park your bike? Right outside the school.

7. (7)_________ do you run? I try to go out three times a week.

8. (8)_________ is your home town like? It's clean and beautiful.

9. (9)_________ high can you jump? Not very high, I'm better at running.

10. (10)_________ is he coming? Soon I suppose.