relative pronouns-omission (1)

complete using the most suitable relative pronoun and ( - ) for omission

Remember using ( - ) or ( 0 ) for omission
1. Aesop was a Greek writer wrote fables.
2. The fable I liked the most is the one about the monkey and the fly.
3. The Crown Hotel is a hotel is famous for its ghosts.
4. Soho is an area in London a lot of people went to live in the 19th century.
5. Cuba is an island population has its roots in many places.
6. Neil Armstrong is the man first stood on the moon.
7. Yes, she is the woman I talked to about you the other day.
8. Everyone notices the man wears elegant clothes.
9. She is Samantha, I am always thinking about ..
10. I live in an old house near the lake birds fly down when the spring comes.
11. Is there anybody there name is Smith ?
12. It's the shop I went in i yesterday.
13. Is he the man sister was on a TV quiz show ?
14. They met these people I was listening to in my office yesterday.
15. Why don't you tell me the day you want to arrive.