reported speech-yes/no-wh. questions (3)

write in indirect speech

1. "Are you enjoying yourself", our friend kept asking us.
Our friend kept asking us if enjoying ourselves.

2. "Were you swimming in the pool when we went to look for you?", they said surprisingly.
They wanted to know if in the pool when they went to look for us.

3. "Did you read the email I sent you? I answered everything you asked me", she asked the student.
She asked him if the email she because everything he had asked her.

4. "What are you drinking?", the waiter said.
The waiter asked us drinking.

5. "How much money would you like to earn?", the interviewer said to Jonathan.
The interviewer asked to earn.

6. "Does your brother need any special kind of food during the flight", the steward asked us at the airport.
The steward asked any kind of special food during the flight.

7. "Where do I have to put these boxes I found behind the door?", the worker enquired.
The worker enquired where all the boxes behind the door.

8. "What time did the film start? I wasn't expecting you so late", my mother said very worried.
My mother was very worried and wanted to know what time because she so late.

9. "Can you turn down your stereo, please. It's impossible to talk to your aunt", my mother shouted from the room.
My mother asked us stereo because it to talk to our aunt.

10. "Who gave you your credentials? They are a fake and you can't join the convention", the girl at the door said.
The girl at the door asked because they a fake and we join the convention.