reported speech-statements and questions (4)

put the following sentences in reported speech

1."We had a wonderful time in the party", they said constantly.
They said a wonderful time at the party.

2. "Are you interested in flowers?", she kept asking.
She asked in flowers?

3. "My daughter has been at home for the whole morning", her mother said.
Her mother assured the police that at home for the whole morning.

4. "What time did you wake up the day of the excursion?", my friend kept asking me.
He wanted to know the day of the excursion.

5. "Are you attending Judo classes this year?" the headmaster said.
The headmaster asked Judo classes that year.

6. "Why did they ignore our advice?", they wondered
They wondered advice.

7. "I won't listen to your words any more. You're always telling lies", she shouted.
She told me that she words any more because I lies.

8. "We never drink alcohol before driving, it's extremely dangerous", they assured.
They assured alcohol because extremely dangerous.