simple or continuous -listening exercise

listen to the passage and complete with the correct present tense

Max:Hi, Helen, where's Paul ?
Helen: He's upstairs
Max: he his homework ?
Helen: No, he . He the guitar, of course. Holly and I a video in the living room.
Max:What you ?
Helen: It's a home video.
Max: And who's that ?
Helen: That's my friend, Sally. She in York.
Max: Is that Sally's bedroom ? Yes, it is.
Helen: Oh, no ! Stop the video ! That's me I the guitar
Max:Stop the video ? Why ?
Helen:Hey, Paul, come and watch the video of Holly.
Paul: Holly, why ?
Helen:She the guitar and she's really good Come and see !
Paul : No, I can't . I'm busy. I'm a new song.
Helen: Oh, Paul, don't be silly !