simple or continuous (8-table)

complete with the the correct form of present simple or continuous on either side of the table

you to the theatre with your school next term?Do you often go to the theatre with your school?
What are they buying in that shop?What like buying in that shop?
Where staying tonight?Where do you stay when you travel to Paris?
We are bringing the cake for tomorrow's dinner.We always the cake for our friend's parties.
She much at school this year.She doesn't work much at school, so she has problems.
We aren't using our bike this summer, so you can take it.We our bikes in the summer.
I listening to music.I don't listen to music when I read.
Are you enjoying yourself? usually enjoy yourself at birthday parties?
living in Madrid at the moment.We live in Madrid for the whole year.
She is having a bath and can't talk to you now. a bath when she gets home.
travelling to New York next Saturday.They always travel to New York for Christmas.
Is Jessica playing the flute upstairs? I can't see her. Jessica the flute upstairs?