tense mix (1)

put the verb in brackets in the correct form

1. I (be)very disappointed. When I (get)into the room I (find)that all my cake . (disappear)Someone (see)me through the window while I (leave)the room, (realize)that the door was open and (go)in to eat my cake.
2. OK. I (leave)this job tomorrow. That's decided. Although I (work) here for more than 20 years , there are things you cannot really tolerate. Last week Mr Jones (say)he (call) inspection if we (keep) on having coffees in the middle of the morning. That's enough,but I (do) something. I (call) my lawyer friends and (tell)them everything about the case.
3. But they, the managers, are not much better than us. The other day, while Mr Jones (drink) his coffee, I (see) two of his secretaries go inside the office carrying two huge trays covered with wrapping paper. I then (discover)they (be) full of pastries like for a birthday party.That's for sure. While the secretaries (eat) pastries, Mr Jones (drink) one coffee after another.
4. Well, I don't know why I (tell) you all this on the phone, I think it is because I (not feel) too well today. Maybe I (need) to go for a walk or something. I (know) everything seems a little bit over the top but this is how things are. I (think) about it yesterday I buy a boat and sail on the sea. That (do)me good.