tense mix (2)

put the verb in brackets in the correct form

1. I (never/see) a party like that before. When I (get) there there (be) at least five swimming pools with water in different colours.
2. She (live) here for ages, so she (tell) you the names of all the streets.
3. Many years ago my elder son (tell) me he (be) a whale fisherman when he (grow) up. I (tell) him that there (be) not many whales when he was old enough.
4. Summer evenings (be) boring during the holidays. While my sister Ann (play) the guitar, my brother Fred (sleep) siesta.
5. I (fly)to London tomorrow evening so I (bring)you all the records you want.
6 When she (open) her eyes she (say) that she (dream) of somewhere she (be) before.
7. I think I (have) a tortilla sandwich and a salad.
8. (see/you) Mary ? No, not really. We (work) here for the whole morning and I (see) anybody.
9. When the firemen , (arrive)the fire (destroy) most of the house.
10. What (the weather/be) like tomorrow ? We (have) some rain and cold.