tense mix (3)

put the verb in brackets in the correct form

1.We (eat) at a restaurant every night. We (know) the owners
2.I think it (rain) tomorrow. It's very cloudy
3.When they in (go in), all the children up (stand up).
4.As soon as they ( come), we (start) the meeting.
5.When I (be) twenty, I (visit) my American relatives.
6.I (know) her all my life.
7. she ever (ever/take) a photograph of a wild animal ?
8. We (not be) at home when you (call) us last night?
9.He (be) in Brazil for a year now and he (love) it there, he (think) of settling down (establir-se) in Sao Paulo.
10.I (not / recognise) her at first although we (share) a flat for some time in Gandia.