tense mix (5)

put the verb in brackets in the correct form

1. Her plane (not arrive) yet, so we'd better (wait) in the hall or maybe you want (go) into a cafeteria.
2. Please, (not shout) so much in class, I can (hear) you perfectly.
3. While everybody (dance) in the school party, we (talk) outside in the garden.
4. The builders (say) they (build) a park and a swimming pool for the community, but they .(lie)
5. I think if you (wear) nicer clothes and you (feel) better with yourself.
6. Our train (leave) in five minutes, so hurry up or we (be) late.
7. The prices of oil (rise) considerably . The press (announce) it yesterday.
8.We used (live) in a ranch but we (move) to the city three years ago.
9. Please let me (know) when you , (finish) I would like (tell) you a couple of things.
10. Everybody was very hungry and by the time we (get) there the food already .(disappear)