tense mix (6)

put the verb in the correct form

1. Please (not come) to see me before 5, I (sleep) siesta.
2. It (be) the worst storm we ever . (have)
3. It is the first time I here (be), so I (not can) tell you where the station is.
4. The shops already (close) when we (arrive), and we (can) get any food.
5. "The weather (be) very good next weekend", (say) the old man looking at the sky.
6. We (have) a drink outside the Museum when we (hear) the explosion from the fireworks.
7. They (not let) us inside the reception because we (not bring) our night dresses.
8. Where is Jennifer? I think she (do) some yoga in her bedroom. She (practice) since 7 o'clock.
9. My favourite cinema director (make) a film 3 years ago, but this year he (not produce) anything.
10. Nowadays I (think) that (find) a house is the most difficult problem for young people.