tense mix (7)

put the verb in the correct form

1. you ever (go) to Sevilla' Yes, I (be) there in 1982 with my school.
2. While we (clean) the house, the boys were preparing (prepare) dinner, so everything was (be) ready in a minute.
3. Italians immigrants (live) in America for a long time. They (arrive) in the 19th century and many of them (establish) in New York.
4. I (meet) my girlfriend's parents tomorrow evening and I (be) very nervous.
5. It (rain) heavily, so we (not can) go out.
6. Someone already (pick) all the mushrooms in that part of the forest, so we (not find) any.
7. A cat (get) into the room and all the dogs (start) to bark.
8. Oh look, a dog (eat) your lunch, but I think he (not like) the bread in it.