time clauses (1)

complete with WHEN, AS, UNTIL, AFTER, BEFORE, ONCE, AS SOON AS and the verb in the correct tense.

1. He (help) you you (ask) him to in a polite way.
2. We heard him he (enter) the room and knew that he was Jim.
3. Switch off all the lights (leave) the house.
4. We couldn't go out the storm .(finish)
5. he (mix) all the ingredients, he (put) them into the bowl and then into the oven.
6. 'Don't worry, mum! I'll call you we (get) to the hotel.
7. Put the maccaroni the water (start) to boil.
8. (swim) in the sea, it is nice to have a cold shower with fresh water.
9. I (stand up)from the chair, I (see) that the children were fighting, so I ran to stop them.
10. I'll come I (can), but I'm very busy now.