too-enough-too much (3)

complete with- too, enough, too much, too many-

1. Are you brave to jump with a parachute?
2. There are people in this restaurant, we will never find a seat.
3. Go for a walk but don't go far, there are wild animals around.
4. We couldn't find cakes for everybody, so we bought some sandwiches.
5. She slept and had a headache when she got up, so we couldn't go out.
6. The cake is delicious but this is for me, I can't eat any more, thank you.
7. Not drinking water can bring health problems.
8. The door was narrow to push the piano through, so they had to use the window.
9. There wasn't water due to the hot summer and had to bring some with tanks.
10 I never ran fast to join the track team, but joined the mountain club.