Would and  used to

Be/get used to (grammar supplement  for unit 2 'Vision 1')

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A. We use used to to describe past states - something that
was true, but is not true now.
ex:  I used to be much stronger than my brother:

B. We also use used to to describe past habits - something
that happened regularly in the past, but doesn't happen now.
ex: They used to get up early.

C. We use would to describe past habits but not to describe
past states.
ex: My brother and I would leave the house very early.
 Used to and would are used to describe repeated actions in
the past, not a single action.
ex: Once, I carried him all the way to the other end of the beach.

E. Used to and would are followed by the infinitive.

 Would is usually abbreviated to 'd, especially when we are speaking.

The negative of used to is didn't use to or never used to.
ex: We'd take some sandwiches.
ex: We never used to go on long holidays.

The interrogative of used to is Did you use to....?

ex:Did you use to go skating when you were a child ?


Be/get used to

A We use be used to + noun/-ing to say that something is
familiar - not strange or new.
ex: I am used to taking a bath every evening. (it's familiar)
ex: I'm not used to eating lots of fish and rice. (it's strange)

B We use get used to + noun/-ing to say that something
strange or new is becoming familiar.
ex: I'm getting used to the weather now. (it's becoming more