interrogative pronouns (7)

complete with the present simple or the present continuous of the verbs given.

   How      How many      How much      How often      What      What time      When      When      Where      Why   

1. do you get up ? At 7 usually.
2. brothers or sisters have you got? One brother and one sister.
3. did you pay for trainers? I can't tell you, they were a present.
4. do you go skiing? In December.
5. do you always run to school? Because I'm in the track team.
6. do you park your bike? right outside the school.
7. do you run? I try to go out three times a week.
8. is your home town like? It's clean and beautiful.
9. high can you jump? Not very high, I'm better at running.
10. is he coming? Soon I suppose.