'wish' story

complete the WISH-IF ONLY sentences

While trying to sail round the world in a small boat, Harry, Sandy and Joe were shipwrecked one night. 'I wish there (be)an island nearby,' Harry said.
By morning, they were washed up on to a desert island. For six months they lived on fish, nuts and fruit. One day, they saw a bottle on the shore. 'If only it (contain)a note or something!' Sandy said. They opened it and a genie appeared. 'It's high time someone (open) that bottle!' the genie gasped. 'I'm so grateful, I'll give you one wish each. You first,' the genie said, pointing to Harry. 'That's easy,' Harry said. 'I wish I (be)with my family.' And (whoosh!) he disappeared. 'Me too,' Sandy said. 'If only I (can) be in dear old Glasgow.' And (whoosh!) off he went. 'And you, sir?' the genie asked Joe. 'I wish I (have)my friends back!' Joe said.